Penn State vs. Kent State

About two weeks ago, I went to my first-ever Penn State football game. And boy, was it an experience. For the record, I have never seen so many drunk people in the middle of the afternoon than I did on game day. You’d think that being hammered and having to stand in a 90-degree stadium for four hours with thousands of people wouldn’t mix too well, but apparently it's doable.

The second I took my first steps into Beaver Stadium, I could feel the energy it held. Looking around and seeing over 100,000 people all decked out in blue and white is something that you can't easily forget. Even though our boys didn't play too well, the student section was as crazy as ever. Not to mention the fact that we scored a few touchdowns so that meant that dozens of girls were tossed into the air repeatedly. Yes, I was one of those girls. It was really fun for about the first 10 times, then it just started to make me feel like I was going to throw up the food that I didn't eat all day. But regardless, being thrown by some random guys you don't know (and probably will never know) for almost no reason at all is still pretty cool. All in all, game day was a success, and I have never been happier to be a Nittany Lion.